On-line Studio mixing

Do you want me to mix your song, EP, or whole album?
Recording is only one part in the music production chain. Recordings, even great ones, need good balance, great sounding tracks glued together and energy.
Mixing is a step in a music production where your recordings really starts to breath.
A good mixing don't change recorded material into something else. It should make good better and great unbelievable.
I have mixed my own music since 2012.

I can now offer my on-line mixing services to you.
If you think that I am the guy who brings your songs to the next level, don't hesitate to contact me. I'm happy to tell you everything you need to know about the process. You can start with the contact form at the homepage. 

Couple words about mastering:
Mastering is the final step in the music production chain. Mastering engineer gives that final polishing to the track and writes the data needed to the mastered audio file.
You should always send mixed audiofiles to professonal mastering engineer. You will thank yourself later.
My opinion is, that mixing and masterin engineers should always be different persons. "Fresh ears" in a different steps of a prosses can't be bad thing.

I have gathered a little "Before&After" sample for you. "Before" sample is raw mix without any prossessing and "After" sample is fully mixed and mastered track.